What is Marine Liability Insurance ?


Marine Liability Insurance is designed to provide detailed and specific coverage for Freight Forwarding Companies, Marine Operators, Ship Repairs Operators, Boating & Yachting Clubs against legal liability & property damage claims.


Do I need Marine Liability Insurance ?


It is highly recommended that you consider Marine liability insurance if your business falls under the below occupation/activity list:

  • Marine Import/Export Business
  • Port Operator
  • Private Yacht Owner
  • Ship Repairer
  • Charter Service


What is Covered ?


Marine Liability Insurance Policy Generally Covers;


  • Tenants Liability
  • Death, Illness or Personal Injury
  • Loss and/or Damage to another Vessel or Property
  • Damage to Cargo
  • Lost Cargo
  • Loss or Damage to a Vessel in Your Care & Control
  • Removal of wreck


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