Bespoke Insurance Group offers all businesses a free “Insurance Health Check”, this is a detailed review of each of the businesses insurances to ascertain their validity to the business.

Some key questions to ask yourself are;

Has the business experienced any significant changes in activities or income over the past year?


Far too many businesses fail to take the time needed to assess the current position of the business. If the business has experienced any scale changes over the year, or since your last insurance renewal, you may be compromising your position


Has the business experienced any of the following?


  • Scale change in revenue either positively or negatively
  • Any additional services or activities undertaken in the business.
  • Any changes in the management structure


Do my insurances match my business?


One of the easiest mistakes to make in business is having insurances that are not in line with the businesses previous and future needs. If something goes wrong, you may learn the hard way the devastating effects of the result of events such as under insurance or incorrect income reporting., but don’t panic your bespoke broker will work with you to Identify and prioritise your risks in each area of the business.

Once your health check is completed Bespoke will provide you with an extensive report outlining the “good” the “bad” and the “ugly” regarding;

  • Areas of minor to major exposure
  • Premium pricing
  • Broker fees
  • Policy Inclusions and/or Exclusions
  • Policy Wordings
  • Areas of potential under and/or over insurance


This process is remarkably easy and only requires one form completed on your end.

For more information or to arrange a quote, contact Bespoke today.

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