Our Service Promise

Through our commitment to maintaining our education in all aspects of business and personal insurance policies we position ourselves to always be at the fore front of where the industry’s most comprehensive policy coverage options are now and where they are heading into the future.

We combine this knowledge with our relationships with insurers to negotiate individually on your behalf, insurers know when dealing with a Bespoke broker we won’t simply accept the status quo in regards to pricing, we build the strongest case prior to optioning insurers to ensure there can be little argument regarding pricing.

Personal Service

As your trusted insurance partner we work with you to assess your businesses exposures and determine the right insurance program, we leverage our strong relationships and reputation in the market to negotiate with insurers to obtain the best coverage at competitive pricing.


In the event a claim arises, we’ll be by your side. Our dedicated and experienced in-house claims team will work with the insurer on your behalf to ensure your needs are considered, you remain in the loop and strive to ensure you receive your full entitlement without any prolonged delay.

Access Anytime

All Bespoke brokers and claims staff understand that your business has exposures even when closed
All Bespoke brokers are available to clients 24/7 with a dedicated measure in place to ensure someone will always answer the phone.