What is Contract Works Insurance?

With the current climate of today’s building and construction sites there is a frightening amount of scenarios that can go wrong during the construction period that can cause a financial loss.

Contract Works Insurance is implemented into a civil and/or construction business to cover against incidents such as third-party liabilities and compensation as well as accidental theft and damage of contract works during the construction period.

Bespoke understands that each project is different needing different requirements. Our experienced insurance brokers and in-house claims team will deliver expert risk advice and tailored insurance solutions to best meet your specific risks and requirements for your current and ongoing projects.

Do I need Contract Works Insurance?

It is highly recommended that CWI needs to be considered if you are

  • Builder
  • Principal
  • Tradesperson
  • Contractor

What is Covered?

A typical CWI policy will generally provide cover for:

  • Advanced loss of profits and/or rental
  • Material damage and/or theft
  • Start up Delays
  • Third party property damage
  • Material damage to existing structures and on site plant
  • Third party bodily injury
  • Legal Liability

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