What is Cargo & Transit Insurance?

Whilst goods are in transit the risks associated require specialist & detailed coverage.

Cargo and Transit Insurance also commonly referred to as Marine Cargo Insurance is designed for incidents such as non-delivery, delayed shipment costs or loss of your goods whilst in transit.

Bespoke understand that each industry has specific risks with regards to cargo & transit. Our experienced broker team will work hard to deliver personalized risk advice and provide a tailored, cost effective Cargo and Transit Insurance policy to meet your specific needs.

Do I Need Cargo & Transit Insurance?

There are a number of complex and specific risks associated with the Cargo and Shipping Industry. These can include:

  • Risks associated with Tran-shipment risks.
  • Financial loss associated with the loss of goods.
  • Risks associated with Tran-shipment risks.
  • The risks associated with General Average.
  • Risks associated with Tran-shipment risks.
  • Malicious damage.

What is Covered?

A Bespoke broker can assist with information & placement of top quality Cargo and Transit insurance including;

  • Extensions available for General property and Tools of Trade
  • Insolvency or otherwise non-delivery by the carrier/transporter are considered specific optional extensions
  • Coverage for Tran-shipment and Delayed shipment costs
  • Delays as a result of Liquidated Damages, Non-Delivery and  Consequential Losses  are also optional inclusions

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