Claims are generally unexpected however when a claim arises your business still needs to operate, service customers and not put additional pressure on employees or the day to day operations.

The Bespoke Insurance Group team place enormous emphasis towards providing the highest-level claims service for our clients. Our personalised service assures that when a claim arises, our claims team will assist you in every way possible.


There are some basic rules and/or procedures we like to make our clients aware of. Following these basics will assist in the effective management of your claim.

  • Advise us immediately of any potential loss or damage that may lead to a claim
  • Attempt to take what is considered as reasonable steps to protect the property from suffering any further damage
  • Contact police where the law has or may have been broken
  • Do not openly admitted liability for any accident. Ensure you only answer that of which your claims team member of insurance broker has approved
  • All Third-Party demands should be referred to us immediately


Bespoke Insurance Group acts on your behalf working closely with insurers and external stake holders in the claim process whilst ensuring you remain informed and valued throughout the claims process.

Utilising our technical ability, negotiation skills and an educated understanding of the policy to ensure any potentially complex issues are handled, managed and finalised in an appropriate time conscious manner.

All incidents (Workers Compensation excluded) which may give rise to a claim, should be reported as soon as possible to Bespoke, we will walk you through the claims process, advise what documentation will be necessary.