What is Management Liability Insurance?


The directors and officers of a company are generally under constant pressure to meet the demand and expectations of all business stakeholders including clients and employees. The ever-evolving regulatory environment in Australia has increased the operating risk for businesses of all sizes Even with the best intention’s mistakes do occur and as the company director you may be left to explain or defend themselves against allegations of misconduct or wrongful acts for which they are personally liable for.


Do I need Management Liability Insurance?


It is strongly suggested that you consider D&O insurance;

  • If you are a Director or Officer of a business or corporation.
  • If in your position, you may be exposed to claims brought against you by Competitors
  • If you are a shareholder of the company


What is Covered?


  • Management Liability– Provides protection against fraud or breach of fiduciary duty; unfair competition & breach of confidentiality.
  • Corporate Liability– Provides protection against allegations of fraud, potential prosecution by a regulatory authority & breaches of the Corporations Act.
  • Employment Practices Liability– Provides protection against allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and discrimination.
  • Theft/Crime– Provides protection against theft by employees which may include theft of money and property.
  • Statutory Liability– Provides protection against a breach of Occupational Health and Safety Act and other legislation.


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