What is Commercial Property Insurance?


Commercial Property Insurance commonly referred to as Building Insurance covers the policy holder in the event of loss or damage to commercial (non-residential) properties.

A comprehensive  CPI policy generally includes relevant coverages such as Strata Title & Landlords Insurance depending on the individual property & needs.

Bespoke  understands that no 2 properties have the same insurance requirements , this is why Bespoke tailor solutions to best meet the specific risks depending on the insured value of your property and how it’s used and operated.

Our experienced insurance brokers will assist you with personalised risk advice and the placement of a tailored & cost effective Commercial Property Insurance policy.


Do I need Commercial Property Insurance?


It is recommended that all commercial property owners regardless of size or type need to seriously consider Commercial Property Insurance.

Coverage can range almost as much as the property types including commercial strata apartment’s and shopping centres.


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