I.S.R Insurance Explained


Industrial special risks insurance (ISR) provides property damage cover and consequential loss cover for medium to large enterprises against financial losses they might incur because of loss or damage of their physical assets. This policy is generally designed to protect physical assets, including buildings, machinery, stock, plant and other property. it is often taken out by organisations wishing to fill in the gaps not covered by other types of insurance they may have.

An industrial special risks insurance policy typically contains a section relating to material loss or damage and a section dealing with consequential loss or business interruption.


What Does Industrial Special Risks Insurance Cover?


Industrial special risks insurance generally offers protection against a diverse range of events such as fire, earthquake, criminal acts and storm.

It can cover things such as:

  • Burglary, theft and employee dishonesty
  • Removal of debris
  • Loss or damage to premises, plant and machinery and contents.
  • Accidental damage and glass breakage
  • Re-writing of records
  • Loss of profits & increased expenses resulting from damage to insured property and damage to property housed with suppliers or customers


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