Jackson Tutahi


Bachelors In Economics
Bachelors in Social Science
Cert III in Finance


Some inside info about Jackson:

Company Nickname: The Smiling Kiwi
Favourite Quote or Saying: Compliance is a way of life not a chore
Favourite Sport: 
Rugby Union
Favourite Movie Genre: Comedies
Favourite Music Genre: 
Cultural Music


As a finance professional with over 10 years’ experience. Jackson has fine-tuned his approach to pro-actively identify the needs of customers to then match products and services.
Jacksons main goal when working with both personal and business clients is to tailor the clients banking to ensure the gate is open for future lending needs.
As a Bay of Islands native Jackson has an immense passion and pride for his native culture and dedicates a great deal of his personal time assisting his church and cultural promotion.
Jacksons position within the BIG team is to act as a source of knowledge on spending and business trends whilst also offering lending assistance to BIG clients. Jackson has assisted BIG clients in obtaining finance from $1ml to $250m+
When asked about his vision for Bespoke Jackson states “clients have always needed a full team of professional services, its great to be apart of a 1 stop advise team”