Section 1 – Asset Risk Protection



Brief Description



Accidental Damage

Loss or damage to property due to an accidental cause.


Aviation Hull

Loss of or damage to aircraft and related equipment.


Boiler or Pressure Vessel Explosion

Damage to registered boilers or pressure vessels by explosion, overheating, collapse, etc.



Loss of property following forcible and violent entry to premises.


Contract Works

Loss or damage to the project/works during construction.


Contractors’ Plant & Machinery

Loss or damage to unregistered mobile plant, drilling rigs and the like.

Corporate Travel

Medical costs, baggage and other Benefits whilst travelling on business.



Fire or hail damage to growing crops.


Electronic Equipment

Material damage and loss of data following breakdown or malfunction.


Employees Property in Transit or on Premises

Loss or damage to employee’s personal effects.


Extended Warranty

Extensions to warranty periods for products.


Fire and Perils

Damage to property caused by a range of nominated risks.


Water Damage / Water Run-off

Water Damage caused by or runoff from a man-made water course



Loss or damage to property caused by “flood” – Water Damage caused by inundation of water from a natural water course such as a creek, river, lake, canal, dam



Damage to fixed glass.


Industrial Special Risks

Fire and Perils and Accidental Damage to fixed assets and subsequent Business Interruption.


Livestock and Bloodstock

Loss following death or loss of use of valuable animals.


Machinery Breakdown

Mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and equipment.


Machinery Breakdown Consequential Loss

Loss of profits and additional expenses following a business interruption caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown.


Marine Cargo

Damage to goods whilst in transit Overseas or within Australia including containers.


Marine Hull (Specified Craft Only)

Damage to private and commercial vessels and related equipment.


Marine Containers

Loss or damage to sea or land containers including refrigerated containers


Motor Vehicles, trailers, caravans, motor cycles or mobile equipment

Loss or damage to registered or unregistered motor vehicles and the like.


Personal Valuables/Art/Jewellery

Loss or damage to jewellery, works of art and other valuables.


Rewriting Records

Costs to rewrite replace or reconstruct records and data. Following perils insured under the ISR policy but not following breakdown


Refrigerated Stock

Loss of refrigerated stock due to refrigeration equipment breakdown.


Theft of property in premises

Loss of property within premises with forcible and violent entry. Loss of property within premises without forcible and violent entry (except as covered by the ISR policy)


Theft in open air

Loss of property in the open air without forcible and violent entry. Only covered under ISR policy. Not covered under Electronic Equipment policy



Loss or damage to fixed property due to declared terrorism.


Tools & Equipment

Loss or damage to tools or equipment in vehicles, or on site or in storage including laptops. Limitations apply.



Loss due to inadequate or exorbitant rain or temperatures.


Rural/Farm Property

Country farms and properties.



Section 2 – Income & Other Financial Risk Exposures


Brief Description



Accounts Recievable  

Loss due to irrecoverable debts following insured loss of debtor’s records.


Advanced Consequential Loss

Loss of future earnings and/or increased expenses following delayed completion of a project caused by insured damage.


Tax Audit / Investigation Expenses Cover

Cover to insure expenses incurred – for unexpected audits / investigation –Eg, Workcover, including Australian Tax Office.

Cover available * Audit against Company & Directors * Audit / Investigation – Company & Directors


Bonds/Performance guarantees

An alternative to bank guarantees.


Business Interruption
(Consequential Loss)

Loss of income and/or increased expenses due to insured damage to fixed assets.


Business Interruption
(Consequential Loss) – dependency on key customers or suppliers

Loss of income and/or increased costs due to insured damage to key customers or suppliers premises.


Business Interruption
(Consequential Loss) – dependency on public utilities

Loss of income and/or increased costs due to insured damage to public utilities premises.


Business Interruption
(Consequential Loss) – Additional Increased Cost of Working

The increased costs incurred to avoid or reduce a loss of revenue following an insured business operation.  Cover includes any reasonable costs irrespective of whether they limit any reduction in turnover or revenue.  These additional increased costs are often expended to keep or regain market share and to maintain normal business operations. (Advertising, lease of rental property, cost of a third party manufacturing your product or providing a service.)


Cancellation and Abandonment

Loss of income and/or additional expenses incurred due to occurrences such as adverse weather conditions or non-appearance of performers including death or illness.


Commercial Legal Expenses

Reimbursement of legal costs in either defending or pursing legal action in areas of contract, employment, criminal, property, patent and copy write, motor and trade practices (both civil and statutory).


Computer /Electronic Equipment Breakdown Specified items only

Damage, loss of income and/or increased expenses following mechanical and electronic breakdown of computer equipment, media and data.


Computer/Electronic – Loss of Data

An extension to a Computer/Electronic Breakdown insurance policy to cover the cost of replacement Software/Purchasing Licensing Agreements


Computer Crime/fraud/virus

Insured loss following tampering with computer systems, fraud or virus.


Contractual Fines & Penalties

Fines or penalties due to failure to meet contractual commitments due to an insured loss to assets.

Credit Insurance 

Loss following insolvency of a debtor either single debtors or a group of specific debtors or a blanket cover over all debtors.


Crisis Containment

Public Relations consultant costs to assist following a major crisis.


Export Credit

Default by overseas customers or default due to political interference.


Export Sellers Contingency

Loss or damage not insured/recoverable from overseas purchasers.


Fidelity Guarantee

Loss of goods or money due to theft or dishonesty by employees.


Intellectual Property

Legal expenses incurred to defend patent, trademark, copyright etc.


Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion

Monies paid following kidnap of staff or family or threats of damage to assets.


Marine Business Interruption

Loss of income and/or additional expenses following marine transit material damage claims.


Mortgage Protection

Mortgage payments in the event of disability.



Loss or damage to cash, cheques, negotiable instruments in transit or on premises.


Product Tamper

Loss of profit, recall and other expenses following product tampering.



Additional expenses incurred following labour disturbances.



Section 3 – Liability Risks & Exposures



Brief Description



Broadform Public & Products Liability

Liability for bodily injury and/or property damage arising from business activities and products.


Completed Operations Liability

Liability arising from completed buildings/ projects/constructions.


Contractual Liability

Liability assumed under contract or agreement



Liability for damages following libel and slander.


Trustees Liability

Liability for damages following mismanagement of superannuation funds by trustees.


Statutory Liability

Covers Penalties payable to any Regulatory Authority consequent upon breach of an Act, Plus legal costs and associated expenses incurred with the investigation, defence (including appeal) and settlement of the claim.

Occupational Health and Safety
Environmental Law
Employment Practices Legislation
Companies Law
Etc, etc, etc


Professional Indemnity or Errors and Omissions

Liability for negligent services or advice provided by professionals.


Directors & Officers Liability

Liability for damages following a wrongful act committed by the directors or officers of a company.


Employment Practices Liability

Liability for employment related issues such as wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, and discrimination.


Management Liability

A cost effective combined Management Liability cover for Private Companies.  Cover Directors and Officers, the Business Entity and also include Employment Practices Liability cover.


Association Liability
(D & O for Non-profit Organisation)

Liability for members of management committees or incorporated organisations against negligent acts, errors or omissions.

– Mismanagement (Including Occ Health)
– Professional Advice (Errors and Omissions)
– Employment Practices Liability
– Fidelity (Theft by Employees)


Employers Liability Accident Make-up Pay

Liability for the “Gap” between Workers’ Compensation Act benefits and average actual weekly pay.


Extra Territorial Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation benefits for employees working interstate or overseas and at common law.


Environmental Impairment Liability

Liability for bodily injury and/or property damage following gradual pollution.


Internet Liability

Liability for infringement, defamation, viruses, misuse etc.


Cyber Liability

Liability for Internet-based risks, data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking, and denial of service attacks, losses to other caused by errors & omissions, failure to safeguard data or defamation.


Financial Loss
(inc loss of use and efficacy)

Liability for financial loss only not accompanied by bodily injury or property damage.


Marine Liability

Liability for bodily injury and/or property damage arising from:

*Operation of vessels  
*Carriers liability
*Ship-repair activities
*Charterers liability
*Stevedore liability     


Motor – CTP

Liability for bodily injury arising from registered vehicles.


Motor – TPPD

Liability for property damage arising from registered motor vehicles.


Product Recall Expenses

Expenses incurred in the recall of defective products.


Contamination Products Insurance

Broader than Product Recall
Insured Events – Accidental Contamination, Malicious Tampering, Product Extortion.
Cover – Business Interruption, Recall Costs, Rehabilitation Expense, Consultants, Extortion Costs, Restoration or Replacement of Product.


Property in Care, Custody or Control

Liability for loss or damage to property of others in your care, custody or control.


Product Guarantee

Liability for the cost of repairing or replacing faulty products.


Unregistered Vehicle Liability

Liability for unregistered vehicles working/ travelling on public streets or areas.


Umbrella Liability 

Liability in excess of standard or Primary Liability policies including Motor Third Party Liability.

Workers’ Compensation 

Cover for employers’ liability for injury to employees, Act benefits and at Common Law.


Workers’ Compensation – Journey Cover

Employer’s liability for injury to employees in transit to or from work only.