Generally this insurance covers the cost to repair or replace specified machinery following a breakdown.

A Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy can protect you from financial loss when things don’t go to plan.

Machinery Breakdown insurance can assist your business in a number of ways:

• Repair costs covering the breakdown of machinery
• Consequential losses as a result of the breakdown – e.g. replacement for loss and spoilage of stock, or loss of profits which could occur while waiting for the parts to repair your machinery.
Types of machinery this policy can cover are:
• Air conditioning
• Cool rooms, fridge or freezer
• Printing equipment
• Boilers
• Pressure vessels

What’s typically NOT covered?

Loss or damage to specified business machinery arising from:

1. Wear, tear or gradual deterioration;
2. The replacement of expendable parts;
3. Normal maintenance or a failure to undertake maintenance
4. Fire, smoke, soot, or chemical explosion (other than an explosion of flue gas in boilers)
5. Extinguishing a fire including subsequent demolition or repair work
6. Lightning
7. Impact of land borne vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
8. Earthquake, subterranean fire or volcanic eruption
9. Landslip or subsidence
10. Storm; wind, water or flood
11. Water escaping, discharged or leaking from any source which is external to the machinery insured
12. Theft or burglary (as separate theft insurance can be purchased)
13. Intentional or malicious damage