What is Commercial Hull Insurance?

In the highly specialised marine industry the insurances associated require specialised and in some cases customised, CHI offers coverage for a commercial vessel owner and/or operator if their is an event resulting in loss or damage to their vessel.

Bespoke brokers have a sound knowledge and understanding of the risks associated, we will work with you to offer you a personalised risk assessment and a tailored Commercial Hull policy offering for your commercial needs.

Do I need Commercial Hull Insurance?

All owners and/or operators of commercial watercrafts,  are highly recommended to consider Marine Hull Insurance. Additional consideration of indemnity insurance for a commercially operated vehicles is also strongly suggested for consideration.

What does this Insurance cover?

  • An optional level of cover can also be selected in the event Masters, Officers, or Crew cause damage to the vessel, the vessels machinery, shafts, boilers or other mechanical items.
  • A Commercial Hull Insurance policy can also include a standard cover for ‘Accidental Damage’ .

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